Posted by: ourforest2 | December 13, 2011

Pray Long for Prey Lang

In the indigenous Kuy language, Prey Lang means “Our Forest.”

On December 14,  we  are gathering in the Angkor complex to  pray for Cambodia and its future. Cambodia has lost its forests at an alarming rate. Now Prey Lang, the last large lowland evergreen forest, is at risk.

Prey Lang is a national treasure. Like Angkor, it belongs to the whole country and even the world. The Angkor civilization collapsed because of deforestation and related water problems. Are we repeating this now? With forests disappearing and ground water depleted by the demands of a nearby growing city and tourism industry, some Angkor temples are at now risk. While efforts are underway to save the temples, other areas of Cambodia are also experiencing water problems as forests disappear.

Let’s not repeat history.  Wherever you are, please pray with us.  And with your prayer, tie a green or blue thread to your wrist.  In our culture, these threads that we tie to our wrists, are like a prayers that stay with us. As long as we wear the threads, we are continuing our prayers.

Save our forests. Save Prey Lang.  Save Cambodia

For more information on Angkor and its environmental problems, please see:


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