Posted by: hengrohot | June 6, 2011

Prey Long Forest Dispute (Main Story)

Date of Broadcast: 05 June 2011


Prey Long forest spans 3,600 square kilometres and four provinces, but is it big enough to accommodate local communities, rubber plantations and mining concessions?

Prey Long Forest Dispute (Main Story)

Many people living close to the Prey Long forest have protested the clearing of land granted as concessions for agriculture and mineral extraction. How can the interests of these people be balanced with the need to build Cambodia’s economy? Equity Weekly investigates.

Burial Sites (Feature)

Several mysterious ancient burial jars containing skeletal remains thought to be more than 500 years old have been discovered in remote locations in Koh Kong and Pursat. The identity and origin of these remains are unknown, and researchers are looking for clues while striving to preserve the region from development.


Environment is a concern around the world. National and World Environmental Day was celebrated last week in front of Botum Vadey Pagoda. Mr. Ouy Bunmy was there and provides a report.


Recent flooding in the capital has led many to ask: What happened to the drainage system in the city?


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