Posted by: ourforest2 | May 26, 2011

Prey Lang “Avatars” in World News


The Prey Lang Network’s “Avatar” rally brought some needed attention to Prey Lang around the world. In the end at least 200 people, including nearly 85 network representatives from around Prey Lang, participated in the Phnom Penh rally celebrating the forest and calling for it to be officially protected, regenerated and sustainably managed

In addition to coverage on BBC television, PRI radio, and CNN’s I-Report, the  story appeared on radio, internet blogs and news services, and in newspapers in several different languages around the world in places as diverse as China, India, Mexico, the US, Brazil and Poland.  Of course it was well-covered on Khmer blogs and in the Cambodian press.

During the day, Network members also delivered copies of their petition, endorsed by more than 30,000 Cambodians, to the Prime Minister’s office and relevant ministries.

Follow the links below to see some of the media coverage.


CNN I-Report:

PRI’s “The World”:

Phnom Penh Post:

LA Times

John Vink’s Magnum:

Allan Michaud’s WildCambodia:

Google for more!

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